Gun Permits to Blind People? Good Thinking Iowa.

I’m a very passionate believer in fairness and treating people with respect regardless of a disability…but blind people with guns? I’m not anti gun and I’m certainly not anti blind people or anyone with disabilities.  In fact I think people with different challenges in life have a lot to contribute…sometimes despite their disability and often because of it.  I could even be accused of being…dare I say it…politically correct!   But you can’t get so lost in a principle that you lose your mind.  And the great state of Iowa has done exactly that…it’s lost it’s mind.  According to The Washington Post and The Des Moines Register, in 2011 the Iowa passed gun permit changes that doesn’t allow the state to discriminate against anyone with a physical disability in owning a gun.  Sorry Iowa you FAIL.  Sometimes you need to discriminate.  I confess I am very much anti gun toting blind people.  I can’t imagine that people who are totally or even legally blind would even want to carry a deadly weapon for their own safety as well as others.  You want to believe in people’s own common sense, in their ability to recognize their own limitations; as human beings we all have limitations. But then I remember that everyone with a physical disability has same opportunity to be a moron as anyone else.  An idiot is an idiot.  And an idiot with a gun is always dangerous.  

People with disabilities have to fight everyday against unfair discrimination and this kind of ridiculousness will only make it harder to be taken seriously.  




The Des Moines Register Article

The Washington Post Article



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