On The Road by Jack Kerouac – Some Thoughts

Some random thoughts in no particular order about Jack Kerouac’s classic On The Road.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” 

I find it interesting that I finally got around to reading this at almost the exact age as Neal Cassady was when he died. 

I loved that I could really “get” and feel the music the way Kerouac describes it, I could almost hear it.

Why didn’t I read this years ago? Doh!


No One Is Listening

This is absolutely, positively not me whining. This is me simply acknowledging that, by and large, I’m alone in the world. That is the simple fact and it’s OK. I have to be, to live my life no matter how many people are watching. I’m here. And I do matter. I’ve let myself become crippled by fear, a lot of which is fear of how people perceive me or judge me. I can’t do it like this anymore, it doesn’t work and I’m wasting whatever time I have left and I’m just too damned old for that. I choose to live. I’m listening.